I ❤ Stories

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Stories. Stories of a King ruling the world. Stories of a King fathering a child. Stories of life. And what not… stories make my world. They give me reasons to smile. They teach me the value of people and ethics of life. In short the moral of the story is ‘I love Stories’. The love for stories started when my Dad first gifted me his book Coffee Date and narrated stories of the King Raja Raja.

Raja Raja, the Emperor of Samudra, the ultimate warrior, the fearless fighter, has fought over a thousand wars with before he became the undisputed Emperor of Samudra. He is married to a beautiful woman, Rani Maha Jodha, who was also a princess of the one of countries that is under his rule. The couple has been blessed with a baby boy after five long years of hatred turned love. The story ‘King of Kings’ revolves around the life of Raja Ram, from being a baby boy to becoming a successor of the reign, first cry to first love, literature lover to Emperor of Land and Jungle, he is all set to rock the charts soon.

I enjoy listening to my Daddy every night and slowly slipping into sleep mode and finally sleep with dreams of the Emperor Raja Ram. And remember one thing that a good sleep in the night is the secret of a healthy body and soul. Make sure to sleep from ten to six every night. That’s what my Dad says to me and I follow his words religiously.

I wish my Dad put the story in words and get it published soon. FYI, he’s a published author. Check out his books on Amazon…

Enjoy babyhood and parenthood!

I ❤ MamyPoko #DhruvReviews

Welcome to Dhruv’s Musings!

So far, I’ve expressed my feelings, my struggles, my happiness, but today, I am voicing my likes and dislikes. I’m choosy… be it the bed, cushions, dress, diapers, and what not? I seek comfort… solace… and happiness.

In this post I am sharing my love for diapers; the ones I used and the ones I loved. There’re more than hundred brands available in the market and I have tried a few of the top brands like Pampers, MamyPoko and…

Pampers, inspired from the age-old method might look comfortable, but in reality, it is not. The sides cause irritation when it used for a long time; it even becomes heavy. It is not good for Poo, it overflows resulting in rashes. Like any other baby I cannot tolerate stomach aches. Though mom gives me colic aid drops when I suffer from stomach ache, still I go mad when the irritation is too much to handle. On top of it, if the diapers also irritate, then it is not a good sign.

Being an online shopping enthusiast, my mom was exploring different options for diapers; one of them was MamyPoko Pants. It comes with extra absorb with “Crisscross Absorbent Sheet” that spreads 7 glasses of urine equally, and never looks heavy. It prevents leakage whole night till morning, which makes the diaper lasts up to 12 hours and the bottom dry. This does not mean my parents will let me use a single diaper whole night; they breastfeed me every three hours and change diapers once in six hours. And this is what makes me really happy and sleep peacefully other than the nights I suffer from stomach aches.

The online shopping experience with Amazon was smooth. When we were running out of stock, which Dad bought from a local store at a discounted price, mom ordered this product on Amazon at an incredible price at the last minute; all thanks to Dad’s abroad visits that put us in a sticky situation. The situation was tense at home as there was only three in stock and we had fingers crossed. Amazon delivered MamyPoko pants sooner than we ever imagined and surprisingly, the quality of the product compared to the ones Dad bought from the local store was a lot better. Not sure why the difference is in the same product, but I am very happy to say that I feel comfortable with this amazing product. Thank you, MamyPoko. I Love You.

MamyPoko: Order from here *contains affiliate link*

Enjoy babyhood and parenthood!

Day 45 Vaccination & Fever

Welcome to Dhruv’s Musings!

Seconds to minutes to hours to days to weeks, time flies faster. While I posted about my birth, first 24 hours and seven days, it looked like a big challenge to me, but the fact, truly is, time flies faster. It may be because of my Dad’s absence or my home? Not sure what the reason is… though I love being with my mom, spending time looking into her eyes, listening to the conversations between my mom, mom’s parents, I became happy when my Dad visited me after a gap of thirty days; all credits to his job profile for the gap. I could not enjoy though, special thanks to the 45th day vaccine that bugged me with pain.

What’s this 45th day disaster for every child?
If that’s the question, let me clarify you. It is a combination of drops and injections; Polio (PCV 1), Rotavirus 2 drops and DTwP 1, IPV 1 and Hep- B2 injections injected in thighs – name says it all. Hep- B2 is usually painful and causes fever (prefer the injection type that cause fever and not the costly one which controls the fever inside).

Since the first dosage of drops, is given before the temperature shoots up, I kinda managed to sleep well. But after three hours, the pain bugs me. I am unable to lift my thighs up and it is really painful for a baby like me. Though my father and mother, regularly monitor my temperature, use ice-cubes to ease off the pain, still it is a nightmare. Pain, cry, hungry, sleep, all of it together made the day terrible. The best part of the day is the time well spent with Dad and Mom together.

Enjoy babyhood and parenthood!

First 7 days of newborn’s life

Welcome to Dhruv’s Musings!

The first 7 days are the most challenging days. When I try to convey my hunger, they are able to connect with me, but when I cry for one or the other reasons, they go mad. Alternatively, I found a way to communicate with them. Rather I’d say I have to design my own way of communicating with my parents. Whenever I get hungry, I make sound with my tongue conveying my eagerness to taste milk. It is very well understood and I got immediate attention from my mom. She is such a sweetheart. When I pass urine or poo, I convey by moving my legs up and down and kicking the towel wrapped on me. It works out well on few occasions, but most of the times I fail because of two reasons: one is the towel weight. Obviously, for a small baby like me it is heavy. The other reason what my parents feel or think is that mosquitoes are biting me. Hence, they cover me well to protect me from mosquitoes. Which, of course, irritates me and I cry aloud to be heard.

What makes the situation tough are rashes caused by diapers and wet clothes. Though, my parents try to keep me dry, still things get difficult at night. I try my best not to disturb and end up in spoiling their sleep. I do have the rights to keep them up at nights, but being a good boy, I be good to my sweet parents. The most important of all is the preservation of stem cells. I leave the method of preserving to you, but it is very important to have it preserved and handy.

Since taking bath is not possible, wiping my body with warm water and cleaning my belly with alcohol swab is mandatory. My father, as always my sweet charm, took good care of me, and did it religiously. Though he got occupied with creating and managing my blog, still he was there when needed. My mom is bit scared to handle me, so she took it easy and made sure she breastfed me whenever I am hungry and helped me sleep. More than anything, I enjoyed being pampered by my family.

In short, the following are the points to be taken care:

  1. Good quality breastfeeding.
  2. Exposure to sunlight early in the morning.
  3. Dry baby, happy baby.
  4. Stem cells preservation.
  5. Best quality sleep.
  6. Quick bonding and understanding.

Enjoy babyhood and parenthood!