First day (24 hours) of newborn’s life

Welcome to Dhruv’s Musings!

A good start is needed to have a long lasting impression. My day 1 (first 24 hours) is a good one indeed. Right from the first cry to first set of poo’s, there a lot of things to do and noted by parents. My mom, dad and grandma, did well.

As soon as I was born: I responded to my mom’s call with my first cry and smile. As soon as, my daddy uttered my name, I opened my eyes, looked at him (It was a blurred image as it will take maximum of 90 days to have a clear vision) and smiled. I was able to recognise my mom’s and dad’s voice. I sneezed in a few minutes time. I was breastfeed in the first one hour of my birth. The skin-to-skin contact helped me gel with my mom and feel the warmth. I was able to smell and taste colostrum (milk). In the next few hours, I passed urine and meconium (new born faeces – will be dark black and sticky). The poo’s colour is expected to change from black to brown to green to orange and yellow. Mine was black, green and yellow for the first few days.

I weighed 3 Kilos and 600 grams. Anything more than 3 Kgs is a good sign for baby’s health. My blood sample was taken to determine my blood group. I was also given Hep B1 vaccine on day one. The pain was unbearable, but I obeyed my daddy’s words. I stopped crying soon after he requested me never to cry. I had a good sleep on day one. I almost slept close to six hours.

In short the following are the things to be noted on day one.

  1. First cry
  2. First sneeze
  3. First hiccups
  4. First breastfeed
  5. First urine
  6. First poo
  7. Good sleep
  8. Weight
  9. Blood group
  10. Recognise voice
  11. Smell and taste
  12. Recommended vaccines

Must buy:

  1. Top to Toe Baby Wash is preferred more than Baby Shampoo or Baby Soap for Baby’s skin: Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash (500ml) with Free Baby Lotion (100ml).
  2. Baby Wipes is much needed. It’ll clean nicely, which is much needed for Baby. In case of skin rash, use coconut oil: Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes, 2*80 cloth wipes.
  3. Diapers keeps baby dry. It is preferred for night use and travel. Choose the one that suits baby need: MamyPoko Small Size Pants.
  4. Quick Dry is mandatory. Avoid using diaper 24 x 7. Use soft clothes instead. Cut a soft saree or dhoti in to square pieces, overlock the clothes corners and use it. In the next post, I will show how to tie it around the waist.
  5. Mother’s bra helps feeding easy. A good pair of bra and mother nighties are mandatory.

Enjoy babyhood and parenthood!


Welcome to Dhruv’s Musings!

அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி
பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு.
That’s the quote I heard first or I’d rather say I remember hearing first. My mom and dad taught me when I was inside her. I love my mom. I like her caress and protection. So I stayed inside her womb for a week more. And not to break my promise to her “I will not give any pain to you…” That’s why doctors advised Lower Segment Cesarean Section (LSCS) on October 6. They first catheterised bladder under anaesthesia. Abdomen opened in layers through a low traverse incision. UV fold opened and bladder mobilised down with ease. Curvilinear incision made on the lower uterine segment. A live male baby born at 9:55 A.M. I opened my eyes, looked at my mom, and soon cried after she called me “Pappu”. Nurse wiped my face clean, took me closer to my mom’s cheek, and she kissed me. I smiled. It was one of the best moments of my life. Later, I was cleaned by nurse and placed in a cradle next to mom. In the meantime, doctors started reverse process and in less time, LSCS was completed successfully.

Nurse took me out of the operation theatre. Grandma was there… all excited to hold me. I screamed as soon as she held close. I let out one more scream to hear his voice… the voice I love the most. Grandma placed me in his hands… I loved the warmth of his hands and he called me “Pappu”. I opened my eyes, smiling big and looked into his glistening eyes: I felt complete. He cherished it and my uncle framed the moment. Later, my uncle held me in his hands.

Turns taken to held me, before I was fed by my mom with the help of grandma. Truly, breastfeeding is awesome!

And, this was the first framed moment of my life…