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Stories. Stories of a King ruling the world. Stories of a King fathering a child. Stories of life. And what not… stories make my world. They give me reasons to smile. They teach me the value of people and ethics of life. In short the moral of the story is ‘I love Stories’. The love for stories started when my Dad first gifted me his book Coffee Date and narrated stories of the King Raja Raja.

Raja Raja, the Emperor of Samudra, the ultimate warrior, the fearless fighter, has fought over a thousand wars with before he became the undisputed Emperor of Samudra. He is married to a beautiful woman, Rani Maha Jodha, who was also a princess of the one of countries that is under his rule. The couple has been blessed with a baby boy after five long years of hatred turned love. The story ‘King of Kings’ revolves around the life of Raja Ram, from being a baby boy to becoming a successor of the reign, first cry to first love, literature lover to Emperor of Land and Jungle, he is all set to rock the charts soon.

I enjoy listening to my Daddy every night and slowly slipping into sleep mode and finally sleep with dreams of the Emperor Raja Ram. And remember one thing that a good sleep in the night is the secret of a healthy body and soul. Make sure to sleep from ten to six every night. That’s what my Dad says to me and I follow his words religiously.

I wish my Dad put the story in words and get it published soon. FYI, he’s a published author. Check out his books on Amazon…

Enjoy babyhood and parenthood!

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