Day 45 Vaccination & Fever

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Seconds to minutes to hours to days to weeks, time flies faster. While I posted about my birth, first 24 hours and seven days, it looked like a big challenge to me, but the fact, truly is, time flies faster. It may be because of my Dad’s absence or my home? Not sure what the reason is… though I love being with my mom, spending time looking into her eyes, listening to the conversations between my mom, mom’s parents, I became happy when my Dad visited me after a gap of thirty days; all credits to his job profile for the gap. I could not enjoy though, special thanks to the 45th day vaccine that bugged me with pain.

What’s this 45th day disaster for every child?
If that’s the question, let me clarify you. It is a combination of drops and injections; Polio (PCV 1), Rotavirus 2 drops and DTwP 1, IPV 1 and Hep- B2 injections injected in thighs – name says it all. Hep- B2 is usually painful and causes fever (prefer the injection type that cause fever and not the costly one which controls the fever inside).

Since the first dosage of drops, is given before the temperature shoots up, I kinda managed to sleep well. But after three hours, the pain bugs me. I am unable to lift my thighs up and it is really painful for a baby like me. Though my father and mother, regularly monitor my temperature, use ice-cubes to ease off the pain, still it is a nightmare. Pain, cry, hungry, sleep, all of it together made the day terrible. The best part of the day is the time well spent with Dad and Mom together.

Enjoy babyhood and parenthood!

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  1. And all of this is to make you stronger and healthier, Dhruv! I know you would learn to smile through it and soon the pain would go away. Lots of love 😘

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