First 7 days of newborn’s life

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The first 7 days are the most challenging days. When I try to convey my hunger, they are able to connect with me, but when I cry for one or the other reasons, they go mad. Alternatively, I found a way to communicate with them. Rather I’d say I have to design my own way of communicating with my parents. Whenever I get hungry, I make sound with my tongue conveying my eagerness to taste milk. It is very well understood and I got immediate attention from my mom. She is such a sweetheart. When I pass urine or poo, I convey by moving my legs up and down and kicking the towel wrapped on me. It works out well on few occasions, but most of the times I fail because of two reasons: one is the towel weight. Obviously, for a small baby like me it is heavy. The other reason what my parents feel or think is that mosquitoes are biting me. Hence, they cover me well to protect me from mosquitoes. Which, of course, irritates me and I cry aloud to be heard.

What makes the situation tough are rashes caused by diapers and wet clothes. Though, my parents try to keep me dry, still things get difficult at night. I try my best not to disturb and end up in spoiling their sleep. I do have the rights to keep them up at nights, but being a good boy, I be good to my sweet parents. The most important of all is the preservation of stem cells. I leave the method of preserving to you, but it is very important to have it preserved and handy.

Since taking bath is not possible, wiping my body with warm water and cleaning my belly with alcohol swab is mandatory. My father, as always my sweet charm, took good care of me, and did it religiously. Though he got occupied with creating and managing my blog, still he was there when needed. My mom is bit scared to handle me, so she took it easy and made sure she breastfed me whenever I am hungry and helped me sleep. More than anything, I enjoyed being pampered by my family.

In short, the following are the points to be taken care:

  1. Good quality breastfeeding.
  2. Exposure to sunlight early in the morning.
  3. Dry baby, happy baby.
  4. Stem cells preservation.
  5. Best quality sleep.
  6. Quick bonding and understanding.

Enjoy babyhood and parenthood!

2 Replies to “First 7 days of newborn’s life”

  1. Hey Little Wonder! You seem quite smart and intelligent. Things would get easy as the time pass by. May you stay healthy and happy.

    Much love! 🙂

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