Welcome to Dhruv’s Musings!

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Welcome to Dhruv’s Musings!

Born on 6 October 2017 to Sarav and Vidhya, both of them being bloggers, inspired me to share glimpses of my life. Being a new born, I decided to express via my father’s pen. Once again, welcome to a next gen parenting and lifestyle blog!

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I ❤ Stories

Stories. Stories of a King ruling the world. Stories of a King fathering a child. Stories of life. And what not… stories make my world. They give me reasons to smile. They teach me the value of people and ethics of life. In short the moral of the story is ‘I love Stories’. The love for stories started when my Dad first gifted me his book Coffee Date and narrated stories of a King named Raja Raja.

I ❤ MamyPoko #DhruvReviews

So far, I’ve expressed my feelings, my struggles, my happiness, but today, I am voicing my likes and dislikes. I’m choosy… be it the bed, cushions, dress, diapers, and what not? I seek comfort… solace… and happiness.

In this post I am sharing my love for diapers; the ones I used and the ones I loved. There’re more than hundred brands available in the market and I have tried a few of the top brands like Pampers, MamyPoko and…

Day 45 Vaccination & Fever

Seconds to minutes to hours to days to weeks, time flies faster. While I posted about my birth, first 24 hours and seven days, it looked like a big challenge to me, but the fact, truly is, time flies faster. It may be because of my Dad’s absence or my home? Not sure what the reason is… though I love being with my mom, spending time looking into her eyes, listening to the conversations between my mom, mom’s parents, I became happy when my Dad visited me after a gap of thirty days; all credits to his job profile for the gap. I could not enjoy though, special thanks to the 45th day vaccine that bugged me with pain