Welcome to Dhruv’s Musings!

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Welcome to Dhruv’s Musings!

Born on 6 October 2017 to Sarav and Vidhya, both of them being bloggers, inspired me to share glimpses of my life. Being a new born, I decided to express via my father’s pen. Once again, welcome to a next gen parenting and lifestyle blog!

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First 7 days of newborn’s life

The first 7 days are the most challenging days. When I try to convey my hunger, they are able to connect with me, but when I cry for one or the other reasons, they go mad. Alternatively, I found a way to communicate with them. Rather I’d say I have to design my own way of communicating with my parents.


I opened my eyes, looked at my mom, and soon cried after she called me “Pappu”. Nurse wiped my face clean, took me closer to my mom’s cheek, and she kissed me. I smiled. It was one of the best moments of my life.